About Local Development


The Local Development Unit seeks to improve the quality of life for the poor and marginalized communities through enabling individuals and societies to confront their needs and challenges. It also works on building the capacities of communities in Minya, Beni Suef, Cairo and Qalyoubiya, so as to achieve sustainable development and invest in the community resources provided by individuals and associations in all sectors of society. This as well as depending on the individuals of the society itself in defining and organizing their societal needs .In addition to choosing appropriate solutions as well as planning and implementing the programs but yet evaluating them as this complies with the rights of the individuals in these communities.

It also reiterates on the expansion of the concept of development which is not confined to the economic objectives but surpasses them through achieving the fulfillment of human beings’ basic needs such as housing, education and health…. and others, as well as paving the way for wider fields and participation in taking decisions and providing the best opportunities to develop human capacities and freeing the human being from all sorts of restrictions. This as well as increasing the extent  of dependence on society itself  within the framework of working  with a developed concept of partnership. This style  is based on a detailed understanding of the societal  structure and the accompanying circumstances as well as establishing  strong working relations based  on strong leadership, as well as  inclusive development programs , this with the gradual separation of the organization after that from the society when its ability to development management is increased.

In its working  strategies , the Local development unit adopts  the methodology of development which is based on rights and building the capacities  of participating parties this as well as advocacy and gaining the support  which certifies  the participation and empowerment of  the poor and marginalized categories  in local communities , through building the capacities of  citizens  to effectively support their interests and rights  and defend  them which directly influences improving their social and economic conditions . This methodology is based upon a group of principles that   rule the application of the methodology and which appear in the design and implementation of the development program. This as well as certifying on common issues among several sectors: Democracy, good governance, social gender balance and building capacities.  This as well as expanding and boosting the efforts in the field of advocacy and gaining support.


Working areas

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