Urban Environment in western El-Minia district project is a project for integrated development by focusing on solid waste and aimed to improve the environment in western district of El-Minia and improving living conditions of the poor and marginalized who are suffering from problems hindering development of their environment with their social and economic participation through the following themes:

  • Improving the environmental conditions in western district of El-Minia by implementation of a continuous system for solid waste management and improving homes and streets.
  • Improving the educational level of the targeted persons in the district.
  • Improving the economic situation of the district inhabitants by increasing employment opportunities and developing manpower skills.
  • Increasing capacity of local communities to start processing development projects with its management and sustainability.
  • Increasing participation of the district inhabitants to bring positive change in the habits and environmental behaviors by raising awareness and ensuring effective participation.
  • It is a project for solid waste management operated by the organization through contracting with the local unit of center and city of El-Minya, began in 2006 and ends in January 2018 AD. According to this contract, the organization is to provide hygiene service to the district with an estimated population of 200 000 inhabitants in addition to visitors of the district, including El-Minya University and five villages and regions through institution of (Fagr Gideed), established for this purpose. Local unit of center and city of El-Minya shall bear payment for the service.


Components of the project

1- Component of solid waste management

Working in this component aims to establishing and operating a system for proper collecting of wastes and being transported to the final disposal running by El-Minya governorate.

The comprehensive and integrated development of urban environment in western district of El-Minia is based on the component of solid waste management by supporting of many different activities to ensure effective participation of the community; therefore the project is based on the following:

  • Taking advantage of many designs available in local companies with interest of manufacturing of equipment of solid waste.
  • Using environmental cars with piston to carry and empty garbage containers through hydraulic system.
  • Transferring garbage from containers directly to the landfill site.
  • Providing a hotline to receive advices and complaints of citizens in order to improve serviceActivities and Achievements
    • Forming a coordinating committee for the project according to decision from Mr. Minister, governor of El-Minya in order to strengthen, support the project, remove all obstacles and difficulties that may face the project and coordinate with the concerned parties of the project.
    • Forming a unit to monitor the quality and quantity of solid waste management project of western district of El-Minia in coordination with El-Minya governorate. A headquarter for the unit has been assigned and prepared; the employees of the unit received a training on field follow-up and mechanisms.
    • Assigning a site to be equipment garage by El- Minya governorate and finishing the construction, preparation process and providing the place with facilities.
    • Creating a starting center and distributing employees in western district of El-Minya.
    • Implementing a technical, financial and social study for solid waste management; which includes producing digital and paper maps of western district of El-Minya, which helped in designing a system of solid waste collection taking into account the following:
      • Ensure continuity with a reasonable cost
      • Compatibility with nature of the project area
      • Repeatability of the project model

    In order to get rid of the solid waste generated from population and economic activity units in the district at a rate of almost 90 tons per day.

    • Signing a contract between the local unit of center and city of El-Minya and the Coptic Evangelical organization regarding solid waste component in the project on 18th of July 2005 for twelve and a half years.
    • Purchasing and preparing equipment and tools for solid waste management based on local designs.
    • Announcing institution of (Fagr Gideed) to be responsible for  solid waste management component and to be working under supervision of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services.

    2- Fields and activities which directly support component of solid waste management.

    It is a group of activities carried out to achieve objectives related to needs of people of the western district of El- Minya and is directly connected to component of solid waste management as follows:

    .  Closing illegal landfills and developing the official landfill.

    .   Providing occupational health and safety for workers of solid waste.
    .   Raising environmental awareness and community mobilization.
    .   Vocational training.

3-Indirect activities

It is a group of activities carried out to achieve objectives related to needs of people of the western district of El- Minya in the fields of health, education, development of environmental polluting projects, decorating and building national parks, development of public services, improving structure and environment of schools, improving homes of the poor, small projects and institutional support which are linked indirectly to component of solid waste management.

Component of solid waste management.

Currently the project continues to provide services to citizens respectively. In spite of the difficult economic conditions in Egypt after the January revolution, the local unit with support of El-Minya governorate is obliged to provide its commitments regularly.

Collecting and transforming of solid waste from the district in a proper way and being transformed to public landfill managed by the local unit of center and city of El-Minya.

  • scope of the projects: western district of El-Minya including the following areas: –
    First region includes: El-Khashaba – Ezbet Shaheen El-Masas
    Second region includes: Ezbet Michael Thoma – Ezbet Kamel Awad Shalby- Ezbet El-Kady – Ezbet Abu Kozman
    Third Region: Taha El-Sabaa – Kafr El-Mansoura – Ezbet Badawi.

With population of nearly 200 000 inhabitants in addition to visitors of the district, whether El- Minya University or five villages and regions.

El-Minya Governorate

The local unit of center and city of El-Minya

Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services

Egyptian Swiss Fund for Development

Fagr Gideed institution


Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services

Tel.:    01225504461

Email: fahim.gaber@ceoss.org.eg

Fagr Gideed institution

Address: Souk El Asr St., off El-Asbany St.

Tel.: 0869246665

Email: fagrgideed.foundacion@yahoo.com

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